Stirr It Up Cafe

Stirr It Up cafe is a dream created by husband and wife team Charlie and Julie Taualii. They set a goal in September 2012 that they wanted to open a cafe in Ringwood and they worked hard to make it happen.

Charlie had grown up in Ringwood so he knew the area well. They saw the gap in the market that speciality coffee was lacking in the heart of Ringwood, they also saw Ringwood was going through massive changes with redevelopments in Eastland shopping centre and property developments all happening.

So in 2014, they discovered a paint shop closing down at 283 Maroondah Highway Ringwood, then with charlie’s background being an electrician went to work with the shop fitting. At the same time, Julie having a background in managing cafes put together the Stirr It Up team and on July 23rd  2014, Stirr It Up cafe was open for trading.

Stirr It Up cafe was the first cafe to use Axil coffee in the eastern suburbs, it sources all its produce locally and it strives to improve on customer experience on a daily basis.

Our vision at Stirr It Up cafe is to bring together the best produce in Melbourne, put it together with all our passion and serve it to the people with pride, enthusiasm and belief.

So, make us your cafe. Make us your place…